Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Oh dear.

Another sad, abandoned blog. I can even see the tumbleweeds across the ether.

One might cite the 'excuses': university, work, social life. But anybody who knows me will know none of those excuses wash with myself, but then, to whom am I writing anyway?

To be perfectly honest, it has mostly been from a complete lack of inspiration. In London, in Europe, life was full of stories, full of life itself. Here, things take on a sallowed quality. The brightness of the sun (Ozone hole) seems to diminish the brightness of the world. It is overpowering. Thankfully, rain has finally arrived. Perhaps this will refresh everything, from the parched sands to the dry and emptiness of my head.

I think the most likely answer is: stop being lazy and morose and do; be. Shame that taking one's own advice always seems to be near-impossible.


  1. Ha, I feel the same, and I'm in London - sometimes daily life just takes over, and sucks the inspiration out of your brain. But anyway, I do love your blog so I hope that the rain brings you something to stimulate your writing mojo. Love from all of us here xx

  2. I think life is like that - full of juice at times and busy with boring minutia at others.

    Hope you get more juice.

  3. If you don't feel inspired, you don't feel inspired and that can't really be helped. But you're still missed.

  4. I think we all go through those phases. I know that I slink away for weeks then come back with three posts at a time. Sometimes I write as one of my pets just to get outside of the box. I won't give up looking for your posts as long as there is breathe in one of us. And saying this on the day of "Rapture" might mean in just a few hours :).