Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Having spent the morning almost entirely devoted to Rachel Weisz and her previous 5 years of living, perhaps you will forgive me for being less than taken by her. But you simply will not have to. If anything, I love her more, she is just breathtaking.

I am also encouraged by her use of stalking to land her role in A Streetcar Named Desire. "Nothing illegal," is more than a green light for me. I am a little amateurish though, I don't think I could compete with the competitive world of the insane. I might be eccentric, but I mean, you know and all that, what! However if even Sir Stephen Fry could engage in covert operations over a school-ground infatuation, then - actually I have done that already. Possibly most of us have, at that age. Or is it simply His Lordship and I?

While clearly I haven't the will to actually go through with the nonsense (Heaven forbid), I can return to my over-admiration of this ravishing lady.

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