Saturday, 7 November 2009

Capturing Claudia and other stories...

After another fabulous post from Mrs Trefusis - - I had to take advantage of the final day of the exhibition at Colnaghi in Mayfair. Sorry, did I mention the subject was Claudia Schiffer? Dragging a rather tired ex-colleague along, promising something fabulous and unstrenuous, along we went. Thank goodness, I loved it. But why did I love it?

I am not sure whether I love it because it is Claudia Schiffer, or because it is something very close to those in the fashionable circle, because I think I should, because I am just pretending, or, because I just genuinely liked some of the art for its own sake. Naturally the former and latter form my exterior, but I wonder whether, armour pierced, it merely is a question of snobbery? Thankfully in this case I can unreservedly say I did really like some of the pieces, and not necessarily because of the muse. Amazing though she is. The Jason Brooks pieces are certainly a testament to bravery. The above link not only offers a glimpse at some of these works (unfortunately no longer on display), but also a glimpse at their subject matter in human form, posing alongside.

Artistically sated, my friend and I did one of those rather pleasant walks with no sense of purpose or direction. Criss-crossing the streets and narrowly avoiding speeding taxis, an encyclopaedia of subjects were discussed, stories started, half-swapped, forgotten and re-started again many syllables later. It is wonderful how in the midst of the grey morass of people, cars and city, a little bubble is formed inside of which is a wholly unconnected world. I think there is more magic to the world than we give it credit. Spells and potions pale beside the human mind. Naturally, our subconscious (is it pluralised?) knew when we would hunger, and it deposited us outside one of my favourite spots at exactly the right moment. (Sorry, cunning plan? Nonsense.)

I like good food. That is to say, I like food done well. It need not be anything remotely fancy or expensive, (think sausages, proper Butcher's ones are delicious and will hardly break the bank) just of reasonable quality and well cooked. Mrs Marengo's does not serve sausages, not even the vegetarian kind. They DO do very good vegetarian burgers, as I have previously mentioned. And omelettes. Haven't bothered with a great deal else, because you see... It is all about the white chocolate and pistachio cheesecake. As a child I turned my nose up at cheesecake. Quite literally, so my mothers tells me, and at a great many other foods as well. I found it too, well, cheesy. NO longer. This is quite literally a heaven on earth. Do try it. I ought to try other things, but I just cannot bring myself to. And I justify that by asking myself: "Well why must I?" Why indeed.

I believe I mentioned my friend was quite tired. So I did what all good friends do - went back to her house and had a late supper. And Prosecco. And even a little Champagne. Poor thing she must have been so tired of me. She is a very good actress though, because I barely noticed it if indeed, she was. To top that off perfectly, we sat down to Audrey Hepburn. Initially aiming for one of the classics, Roman Holiday or Sabrina, we decided on a forgotten member of the collection. One neither of us had seen, Paris When It Sizzles. What an interesting, funny, surreal treat it turned out to be. And with my old friend Tony Curtis playing a rather funny supporting role, I think it could become one of my favourites. She does look emaciated in this film though. But in an endearingly delicate and pretty way. But it is just SO funny, and the film within a film within a film that we, today, are no longer strangers to, must have made quite an impact. I think a perfect Absinthe film. Or possibly vodka. But some spirit accompaniment is highly recommended!

I would love to replace all (or at least several of) the talentless, lecherous nobodies who seem intent on bombarding us daily with their dull, self-important rubbish with another Audrey. It is, after all, nearly Christmas!


  1. Lewis, thanks so much for pointing out my spelling mistake for P.G. Wodehouse! ... the Claudia Schiffer exhibition is definitely on my 'to see' list. Sabine x

  2. Oh I hadn't even noticed a spelling mistake, hope you didn't think me pedantic! It is well worth a look though I think it may have finished. If so, grab a November Harper's Bazaar, they should all be in there. X