Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ich hocke...

Since arriving at the Hill of Crouch, I think I have begun to settle. It is quite fun exploring a completely foreign area, learning the best walks, cafes, restaurants - the all important familiarity and all that. Certainly yesterday I was enchanted by the season as I wandered along the Parkland Walk. Though a sign indicating Richmond Bridge 26 miles away did bring on a wave of nostalgia. Through a gate in the garden of my new home, I could walk all the way to Ally Pally, or Alexandra Palace as most non-staff would call it. Quite, quite magical. Like a secret, very long garden in the middle of London that is practically deserted. A very good Wellington boot opportunity, particularly with all the mushy leaves underfoot. And some giant puddles! Such fun. Splish splosh!

To be perfectly honest that remains the bulk of my achievement. Rather pathetic really, a 3-mile "trek". The problem is my frequent procrastination. I am so dreadful that I don't think I will ever manage to do much with this life. Which is utterly silly as the next is hardly confirmed. Very well I see your point, the joy of tomorrow.

Today, at least, I was productive. I had lunch at Borough Market, which involved a delicious selection of Tapas. I think the tapas fad is long dead, so I hope people will not think me painfully behind, though I rather skipped it before. I am just not so keen on it for some inexplicable reason. It has lots of elements that on paper I should like. Yet I avoid all things Spanish regardless. Perhaps I am just suspicious, being such a franco/italophile. And I'm purely speaking culinarily. Which I do pronounce correctly. Even if it makes me sound archaic, I don't care. The "u" is as in "moon". Orrright?

I so rarely go to London Bridge area, it has such glorious views and makes one feel quite the tourist. Well me, at least. It is such an industrious centre, the smell, the wind, the cranes overhead, St Paul's, The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Tate Modern... The energy is so strong, so invigorating. One feels so insignificant, yet enormously empowered. I am currently working on a business plan for a new bank. Recessions are the best time to begin them, and I am sure I could compete with the likes of Barclays and Lloyd's.My only problem is the lack of capital, so if anybody would like to invest, do please let me know. I would reward well with shares in the company! And I think with the sale of parts of Lloyd's coming up soon, there's space to capitalise. Name also open to suggestions.

I then spent the afternoon shopping in Kensington, spending hours in Hornet's on Kensington Church Walk... Just the most incredible shop. I don't see any need to shop anywhere else now. They have everything one could possibly need, and nothing outrageously expensive. By everything I do mean in a very conservative, Balmoral-esque way. But frankly I feel very on trend in tweed and velvet jackets, and dearly wish my head would fit hats properly. Alas mine is outrageously small, suited to visors and a plastic fedora I once danced in for a school performance. And I didn't even get to keep it. The problem was all the bags. I forgot how impossible navigating London with lots of shopping bags is and in particular at peak-hour on the tube. Thankfully I stumbled upon Ottolenghi, which I had never heard of before. What stunning food. My mouth is still watering, and it certainly hungered on this tube journey for a most delicious white chocolate cheese cake with raspberry coulis I decided I couldn't leave unsold. Pool little thing, he did need a home. Apparently my choice was a very male one, as in a common male choice. I did point out that biologically this would ring true. Unfortunately my helpful assistor was not of Anglo heritage and any vague humour was lost. Shame, I know. But it was delicious.

And now long gone.

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